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How can psychometric testing help with the recruitment process?

By 28 February 2019

Whilst hiring decisions should not solely be based on the results of psychometric tests, at Eventum Partners we consider that for companies who include them as part of their recruitment process, they can be utilised effectively to complement more traditional methods of recruitment.

Whilst a CV can tell you whether a person has the ideal qualifications and job experience and can be assessed in an interview, in my opinion they are not a reliable measure of ‘soft skills’ such as how candidates relate to other team members, their communication style, how they behave under pressure or what motivates them. When hiring managers have a good understanding of their open position’s responsibilities, and the competencies and behaviour traits needed to be successful in these roles, a psychometric assessment can help to see if there is a good match. I believe it also gives the interviewer an opportunity to find out more about the candidate and, if necessary, to ask further questions to discuss key outcomes.

Once a selection is made, it is my view that the same assessments are also useful in knowing who your employees are and what they want from their manager as well as understanding how to motivate them and how to get them to work towards their strengths. It can also highlight what training and development initiatives might need to be taken which demonstrates value in the assessment beyond its initial purpose. Similarly, in my opinion it could be considered that a candidate is also more likely to stay with the organisation for longer, as they won’t have been placed in a role which is beyond their abilities, or where their values and motivations are at odds with those of the hiring organisation. Furthermore, psychometric assessments can also play a key role in the development of effective teams as they can help staff understand what drives each other too.

I believe that whilst a stand-alone test will never be able to pick an ideal candidate for any employer, when used in combination with a considered recruitment strategy, I consider that psychometric assessments are able to help select and retain the best candidates. That helps organisations to build a happier, more productive workforce – which can only be good for business.

The psychometric profiling tools at Eventum Partners are flexible, with tailored services and pricing depending on requirements. Test results are usually available within 48 hours and a written report providing comprehensive findings is provided with telephone support available to help with questions.

Linda Rooney is a Partner at Eventum Partners – the leading specialist health technology executive recruitment company. To discuss how we can partner, please contact Linda Rooney 0203-6701111;, (Twitter) @EventumPartners or visit

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