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The HealthTech Summit – June 26-28th 2017

By 10 July 2017

The recent HealthTech Summit in Lausanne was a very good event this year, bringing together a range of stakeholders from start ups, med tech companies, VC’s and pharmaceutical companies. The many discussions and presentations confirmed that there remains a lot of interest, hope and belief that “digital health” can be the enabler of change.

The key themes that were reinforced included:

Convergence | we will see a continuing blurring of the lines and a coming together of med tech, pharma and technology

Collaborations | as the traditional companies recognise that the best way for them to embrace technology will be through collaboration with other parties. The one big question remains on how the collision of two very different cultures (tech = agile; pharma / med tech = conservative) will find a way to work together

Commercial models | who is going to pay for these new technologies? It is recognised that the industries need to find a way to commercialise these new technologies.

Value / Outcome based | the industry is moving quickly towards being outcome / value based, so the pressure is on to collect the data to support this.

The future: In our opinion, the next few years are going to be a really exciting and challenging time for the healthcare sector. I think we will see greater focus on using tech to decrease wastage in the system and free up resources; we will see ever more collaborations and convergence; and I think we will see some pharma and med tech companies reinvent themselves to become real providers of healthcare solutions and not just providers of equipment and medicines. Watch this space.

Darren Spevick is Managing Partner of Eventum Partners, a leading provider of interim and permanent executive recruitment solutions to the health technology, healthcare service and life sciences sector.

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