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Can “digital health” really transform the way healthcare is delivered?

By 6 March 2017

It is well documented that many healthcare systems are under a huge amount of stress and cannot cope with the increased demands and spiralling costs. Surely something has to change?

Over the last few years there has been a lot of hype around “digital health”. We have seen many innovative tools, apps and ideas, and a lot of money invested into early stage companies, and we are starting to see the healthcare systems trying to figure out how these can improve patient outcomes and decrease costs of providing healthcare.

So having been to many digital health conferences and events around the world over the last few years, and spoken to many key stakeholders, I am confident that digital health is happening. However, I am also realistic that no one technology solution can deliver the holy grail of improved outcomes and lower costs of healthcare on its own.

In order for us to realise the true benefit of “digital health” and to provide technology enabled care (TEC), will require a step change in the way that all the various stakeholders currently engage. I believe we will see an ever increasing collaboration between payers, providers, regulators, tech companies, the pharmaceutical and medtech sectors, and most importantly patients.

In my opinion, digital health alone will not transform the way healthcare is delivered, but it is providing the catalyst for change and is most definitely a part of the solution.

Darren Spevick is the Founder and Managing Partner of Eventum Partners – an outcome focused executive recruitment company that specialises in the health tech and health service sector. To discuss your current or future executive recruitment needs, please contact

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