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What will 2017 bring for Healthcare recruitment?

By 12 January 2017

Happy New Year to all our candidates and clients.

In my experience, this time of year is often the most frenetic for job seekers.  New year’s resolutions aside, many professionals see this time of year as an optimum period to look for their next career move.  Often we see companies starting a new financial year, with new budgets and hiring decisions to be made.  Many other companies are now entering their final quarter and hiring managers have a decision to make with their budgets – essentially use it or lose it!!

Here at Eventum Partners, our clients appreciate us becoming effectively an extended arm to their business, who they can reach out to whenever there is a potential need to hire a senior executive, either as a permanent employee or as a professional interim manager or NED.  Our intelligence tells us that this year will be no different to others in terms of there being a buoyant international market for pro-active healthcare professionals.  We are already seeing a strong leaning towards embracing and using digital technology within many of our clients and this in turn has enabled us to work with some really entrepreneurial candidates willing to drive change and use disruptive technologies to shape the market.

In my opinion this is a really exciting time to be part of the global healthcare industry.  There is an ever increasing need for healthcare provision and the use of mobile devices, wearables and the internet means the consumer is given more freedom and choice to make the right health decision for them and their families.  Here at Eventum Partners we are involved with many companies who are continually innovating to stay ahead of the competition and this in turn will create opportunities for like-minded professionals wishing to embrace this exciting period of change.

Perry Evans is a Partner and Head of Interim Management at Eventum Partners – the leading specialist health technology executive recruitment company.  To discuss your growth plans and how we can partner, please contact Perry on 0203-8652014;, (Twitter) @EventumPartners or visit

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